Frequently Asked Questions


We set up a meeting or call back to know more about the target customers and business operations. Our aim is to find out as much as possible about your eat requirements and objectives, and this meeting or call is primarily about collecting that information. Once the data is with us, we analyze it in detail and recommend possible solutions to achieve your business objectives. The data and information we collect also helps us create and design visuals as well as a detailed layout of the website.

If you approve of the presentation, we can move on to the development phase. This involves coding and designing the main functions of the website, and ensuring that it contains all the navigation tools such as a content management system, inquiry form and shopping cart. When this is complete, we proceed to the last phase which is to thoroughly test the website and ensure that it is free of all errors or glitches.

Mostly, the websites we design are hands free and easy to navigate. They are usually for small business owners who do not have the time or resources to manage these websites on their own. In order to make it easier for these business owners, we take the responsibility of managing and directing online marketing strategies as well as ensuring a smooth running of the websites. We offer our full professional services and insightful directives for your convenience. Ultimately, your success is our success and that is exactly how we treat it. We take pride in providing our clients with a completely transparent, reliable and responsive service.

Basically, we require from you the content for the decided pages on the website. You do not have to organize it, design the layout or format anything. We are going to handle all of that for you. All we need is the content and your occasional input or approval as the development of the website progresses.

We begin all of the undertaken projects with a free consultation. Open and smooth communication helps us find a common ground with the clients early on in the development stages.  Furthermore, frequent communication also ensures an easier, simpler and predictable process.

Usually, our web designing clients can expect a period of 1 to 2 weeks for the completion of a project. However, each and every project is unique and has varying requirements, which is why, some projects can finish earlier than the designated period and some might require additional time as well.

A static website is one that is written solely in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Basically, each page is separately documented and there is no database backing it up. Later on, if any changes are to be made, the only way to do so is to edit the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags on each page. The client may have to do this by themselves or pay the website designers every time they want something edited.

On the other hand, a dynamic website is more intricately designed and has many different functions. Each page is interconnected through a database, which means that changes can be made after the client has signed in with the help of a login box. You an easily add in more option or edit information via another user friendly interface.

If your website is not bringing in the desired results or needs to be upgraded, it can still be revamped. It is never too late to make changes to the design or upgrade the layout so that the website becomes more effective in attracting traffic. We offer our full designing, creative and promotional services to help you achieve your objectives.

Yes, it does not matter if you are not in the vicinity. We offer remote services and can work effectively in any location by communicating with our clients via email, phone or any other internet medium.

The domain name is like a brand name. It is a critical aspect of the online marketing strategy. The earlier you come up with one, the sooner you can get your website registered. It is recommended that you choose a unique domain name so that the probability of it being available is higher.

A host server for a website is like its ‘home’ and without a hosting solution your website would not be accessible to the users. Think of website hosting as a rental home for the website.

Most of our clients host their websites through us but you can look for other options if you want. All we need to do is configure your system through the DNS (Domain Name System).

We can help with any minor or major changes at an hourly labor rate. All the estimated costs will be provided in advance.

Yes, it is an essential aspect of your online presence. You have to position your website strategically with the help of SEO so that you can be visible in the top search results of Google Yahoo or Bing.

Yes, it is critical for complete transparency.

No, we have complete in-house team.

We require a 50% down payment in advance and then the remaining balance is due after the completion of the project.

No, we agree upon a fixed cost beforehand along with any additional charges as well.

Yes, The end product is transferred to your end.

Full technical support and any other queries are answered via email or chat.