Google has a pretty unique algorithm to determine which of the many websites should be at the top of the search results. However, our current year 2017 has brought with, heaps of new websites popping up every day.

Therefore, it has become quite difficult to have your new website rank fairly among such intense competition. Nevertheless, here you will some useful tips in order to rank a new site.


8 tips to rank a new site:


On-Page Optimization


1. Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is perhaps the most important factor when trying to improve the rankings of any website. So what does keyword optimization really mean?

Essentially, it involves incorporating relevant keywords in your articles so that your content attracts the attention of the audience. You may do this by putting in the relevant keyword in the heading itself.

The H1 header tag, in particular, should contain a title that readily explains what your content is about.

Furthermore, keyword optimization involves placing the right keywords at the right places. The picture below shows how this may look like.

keyword optimization - seo rank

As you can see, the article is about Mobile Friendly websites, and as such, the content has the keywords related to mobile friendliness placed strategically throughout, both in the header and in the body paragraphs.


2. MetaDescription

After the heading, the next thing that draws your audience’s attention is the meta description of a search result. The picture below shows what Meta Description is.

meta description - seo rank

Notice the wording and the length of the meta description. It is fairly short and to the point. This instantly informs the user regarding the relevance of your content and is something that helps Google recognize what your content is about.

Having a short and attractive meta description certainly helps you rank a new site in a much effective way.


3. Have relevant internal links

Internal links are an effective way of making your target audience stay on your website and perhaps allow them to explore more of it. Internal links are simply those links that provide relevant information to the user so that they understand the content even better.

internal links - seo rank

As depicted in the picture, these internal links help decrease the bounce rage of your viewers which is measured by how many users visit the title or home page of your website and then leave. The less the bounce rate, the better the rank of the new website.


4. Speed with which the website loads

In this day and age, no one has the time to visit a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load.

As such, it is vital that your website loads as quickly as possible, probably within 2 seconds. This effectively pushes your website toward the top as more and more of your target audience gets attracted.


5. Responsive Design

With so many mobile devices springing up, it has become incredibly important to design responsive websites.

This means the design of your website should be optimized so that it can be viewed with ease and clarity on any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet etc.

Off-page Optimization

Keyword, meta description, responsive design and everything else is related to on-page optimization techniques. So what about off-page optimization?

Off-page optimization gives your website a lot of credibility and boosts click-through rates. One way you may do this is to build quality backlinks. You may do so by writing guest blogs on other websites and incorporating the links to your own website.


6. Using Aggregator Sites

One may use aggregator sites such as to have one’s website listed. Such aggregator sites serve as comprehensive directories for websites in a certain niche. Hence, anyone who is looking for top websites that belong to your niche, there is a chance that he/she may visit your website.


7. Utilize Social Media

In addition, social media is one tool that cannot be ignored. It is advisable to write articles that connect with the audience from specific social media sites. Having profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc. can also be very helpful in attracting traffic.


8. Let Google guide you

Google has a whole list of guidelines on its support website. It is important to abide by these guidelines in order to remain safe. Otherwise, it is likely that Google might block your website from being viewed if any unethical means are used to reach to the top.



To sum up, both on-page and off-page SEO techniques are vital for effective ranking of your new website along with making it mobile responsive and fast. Also, Google is the one that will determine the rank for the website in the end; hence it only makes sense if you strictly follow its guidelines in order to get satisfactory results.